Schlat, the home of Manufaktur Jörg Geiger, is a small town in the idyllic landscape just south of Stuttgart, Germany. With the steep slopes of the Swabian Alps as the backdrop, it’s situated in the midst of agricultural land shaped by meadows and tall, gnarled fruit trees, some of them over a hundred years old. To be a Swabian conjures up a unique combination of traits: there is ingenuity, precision, patience and frugality – in particular when food and drink are involved. Jörg Geiger sure is a Swabian. His Manufaktur was founded after he decided to focus on products made from ‘meadow fruit’ – the name for the heritage fruit varieties growing on trees scattered across those Swabian meadows. The meadows are farmed extensively which is important for the environment and meadow fruit is an expensive, rare and valuable commodity.

To safeguard production requires thinking decades ahead: Newly planted meadow fruit trees take five to seven years until they bear the first fruit and 15 to 30 years until they are truly established. Only then will they develop the quality, taste and aroma which are needed to produce the PriSecco: As versatile and complex as sparkling wine but without alcohol. New combinations of meadow fruit are often refined, complimented and deepened in flavour with blossoms, herbs and spices many of which are as much part of the biodiversity of the orchard meadows as are the heritage fruit trees themselves.

You will be inspired by the creations produced from traditional meadow fruit varieties, made with passion and the perfection of Swabian artisans!

Red over Rocks

Blackcurrants and sour cherries are dominant, strong, opulent, on the verge of powerful in this first of the PriSeccos®. Best served over ice!

Aroma: Dense fruit of sour cherries, blackcurrant and elderberry paired with the fresh note of lime.

Taste: Dark berries following sour cherries, blackcurrants and elderberries, invigorating tartness combined with the slight acerbity of quince and lime, refreshing carbonation.

Pairings: As aperitif on its own or with red and black berries or fruit, for example red fruit jelly with vanilla ice cream.

Ingredients: 50% Heritage Meadow Fruit apples (varieties: Hauxapfel, Roter Berlepsch, Gewürzluike), pears (varieties: Oberösterreicher Weinbirne, Schweizer Wasserbirne), sour cherry, blackcurrant, elderberry, quince, lime, spices, extra fine ‘pearl carbonation’.

Volume: 0.2 and 0.75 l

Lad’s Love on Meadow Fruit

Inspired by a well known German herbalist, Dieter Gaissmayer. Made with fresh lemon verbena, lad’s love, winter savory, pineapple sage and rosemary.

Aroma: Intensive nose of ripe apples and elderberry flowers, with a discreet, slightly spicy background note of thyme and other herbs.

Taste: The sweetness born by apples, grapes and elderberry flower is connected in a tantalizing arc to the herby spiciness of apples’ acidity, ending in a long elderberry finish.

Pairings: Strong, fragrant aperitif, often served on ice, desert with elderberry flowers or exotic fruit, goats’ milk cream cheese with rosemary.

Ingredients: 50% Heritage Meadow Fruit apples (varieties: Boskoop, Gewürzluike), pears (varieties: Gelbmöstlerbirne, Speckbirne), grape, peach, lemon, spices, extra fine ‘pearl carbonation’.

Volume: 0.2 and 0.75 l

Apple & Rose on Mint

We took Boskoop apple and rose petals and added chocolate mint to bring freshness and balance to the nose. Delicate berries slide into the middle note and add the strong rosé. Farmer Jacobsen collects the rose petals we use along the north coast of Germany.

Aroma: Fresh apple fruit paired with the delicate scent of raspberry and an intense bouquet of rose.

Taste: Fruity and light, raspberry and blackberry with a fresh sweet-sour interplay, garden mint and spices grant stability to this ProSecco and result in a long fruity, fragrant finish.

Pairings: On its own as a festive aperitif or with fresh berries with sabayon and herb ice cream.

Ingredients: 90% Jakob Fischer Heritage Meadow Fruit apple, raspberry, blackberry, 0.2% rose water and petals, chocolate mint and spices, with extra fine ‘pearl carbonation’.

Volume: 0.2 and 0.75 l

Meadow Apples on toasted Barrique & Spices

The seedling apple of the Bittenfelder variety has a lively acidity and is the basis for this alcohol free food accompaniment. Made with medium toasted barrique, tart and slightly bitter extracts of red mustard and watercress, refined with spices.

Aroma: Intense, spicy scent of very ripe Bittenfelder apple enhanced by the rounded notes of barrique.

Taste: Ripe apple with lively acidity, wood-caramel notes; the spicy aroma of herbs (watercress and red mustard) result in a long and delicate ‘hot and spicy’ finish.

Pairings: Asian food with curry and fresh coriander, fried, lean, white fish, slightly smoked oily fish.

Ingredients: 93% Bittenfelder Sämling, apple, rhubarb, herbs, red mustard and spices, carbonated with extra fine ‘pearl carbonation’.

Volume: 0.2 and 0.75 l

Organic Cuvée No. 25 - Pear | Hawthorn | Douglas Fir

From end of May to the beginning of June we go with scissors after the Douglas Fir, an invasive neophyte, and cut off the tender young shoots before anyone else in the woods discovers this delicacy. On the base of heritage apple and pear varieties we combine hawthorn and blackcurrant with fresh, aromatic Douglas fir tips.

Aroma: Fresh red berries with plump apple on the verge of banana.

Taste: Tart berries, citrusy ethereal woody notes of young fir shoots.

Pairings: Quick fried venison and wild fowl, lamb.

Ingredients: Bittenfelder Sämling apple (50%), Kirchensaller pear (25%), sloe (8%), chokeberry, blackcurrant, Douglas fir tips, spices, with extra fine ‘pearl carbonation’.

Volume: 0.375 and 0.75 l

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Organic Cuvée No. 28 - Apple | Emmer | Herbs

To us bishop’s weed is not a weed but a vegetable growing wild in the woods. Its aroma and taste reminiscent of parsley, it is mixed with the resinous aroma of mango. Emmer, one of the world’s oldest grains, is know for its hearty, slightly nutty taste; by roasting it in a coffee drum this quality is enhanced in the middle note and the finish of this Cuvée.

Aroma: Exotic mild fruit with light echoes of fresh sweet balm and herbs.

Taste: Apple and pear in the finish, carried by roasted emmer and the freshness of parsley and borage.

Pairings: Dishes with Asian spices, fish and seafood.

Ingredients: Bittenfelder Sämling apple (48%), Oberösterreicher Weinbirne pear, borage, thyme, bishop’s weed, popped emmer, spices, with extra fine ‘pearl carbonation’.

Volume: 0.375 and 0.75 l

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