The Superlative Team

Angeline Lee

Founder and Chief Food Officer. German university-educated biologist but dislikes pork knuckles. Enjoys long romantic walks to the fridge. Awesome cook; obsessed with organic food and healthy nutrition. Made in Singapore. Saxophonist and, perhaps more importantly, former A*STAR and National University of Singapore research team member. Very (as in “very”) determined to make Superlative Foods a victorious success and successful business.

Daniel Binder

Hasn’t earned himself a job title yet; supports the Superlative Foods operations in exchange for warm meals. German (not by choice) but does not sport a beer belly. Is looking back at half-a-lifetime as the Asia Pacific Regional Managing Director of two major German automotive component manufacturers (aren’t these people all into either beer, sausages or car stuff?). Lived half his life in Singapore and Asia; was forced to render his labour to Superlative Foods only AFTER he married the girl at the top of the page. Kind of a caffeine dependent life-form; insists that the bags under his eyes are Gucci; thinks he’s funny (not a widely-shared perception).

Our Other Publicity-Shy Colleagues

Agnes (production)
Elaine (production)
Lan Fong (production)
Hilmi (logistics)
Rebecca (accounting)
Vassia (design)
Zelle (web)