Superlative Foods is an organic-certified foods manufacturer based in Singapore. If you are looking for high-quality foods at an affordable price, you are speaking our language! We are well aware of the markets, products and nuances of doing business!

The Story

Superlative Foods was founded by Angeline Lee, after her “soul searching” trip to Bali, where she became acquainted with Balinese raw cacao nibs. Its robust cacao flavour reignited her passion for chocolate and spurred the idea of creating organic snacks made with raw cacao. From then on, BRUNEUS (Latin for “dark brown”) the first brand ever of Superlative Foods was created. Shortly after that, she realized a gap in the market for healthy, organic and affordable snacks in the Singapore market. A stirring new chapter in her life started to take shape – Superlative Foods was born!

The Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art equipment, strict control standards and diligent follow-through on our carefully engineered work processes ensure the freshness and top-notch quality of the products we create.

We can manufacture and pack almost any organic food product for you under your own brand with the guarantee of small volumes, short turn-around cycles, and high-quality results in our pristine production facility in the heart of Singapore. Should you opt for alternate means of production, you can still deliver the product and the packaging material to us. We’ll do the rest – fast, efficient and at a highly competitive rate.

The Farmer

We source and procure our ingredients directly from certified organic farms and processors globally. All the farmers with whom we work adhere to organic farming processes; no chemically derived fertilizers or pesticides are used on the crops. We are committed to high moral standards, respect for the environment and human rights, and are strong proponents and followers of ethical trading.

The Science

Superlative Foods has been created to bring the most authentic and nutrient-rich foods to the market. As part of this endeavour, not only have we employed the scientific knowledge of our founder, trained biologist Angeline Lee, we have also worked hand-in-hand with our research partners at the Centre for Functional Food & Human Nutrition at Nanyang Polytechnic to bring you scientific proof of the healthiness of BRUNEUS snacks.

We started our research collaboration in 2015 to validate our proprietary nut activation process and demonstrate how it elevates the nutritional profiles of our products.

Our proprietary nut activation processes have proven to alter the total phenolic and phytic acid contents in almond, cashew and walnut, which may translate into health effects, such as the total antioxidant capacity.