Our metaphorical doors swung open in 2013 and – no one noticed. Angeline, our favourite in-house biologist, fabricated the first dozen snack packs in her kitchen and peddled them to neighbourhood retail stores. From the micro-sized factory at the other end of Singapore that we set up shortly after, it was a long and bumpy road to where we are today: Two dozen team members, a few million dollars in revenues, seven brands, a 5,500 sft state-of-the-art facility in Tai Seng, the first Singapore snack manufacturer with organic and halal certifications under their belt, a sophisticated enterprise IT system, sales to almost a dozen countries and ingredient purchases from four continents. Hey, a woman got to do what a woman got to do.

We supply to airlines, 5 star hotels, bakeries, supermarkets, organic retail stores, corporates, catering companies, beverage manufacturers, online-only retailers, and private-label customers. We are almost a bit proud of this. Actually, quite a bit.



Our Story

It all started with our soul-searching founder, Angeline Lee, who happened upon an unusual batch of raw cocoa nibs during her travels in Bali. She wasn’t expecting much, but dang! The complex flavour and satisfying texture won her over. Perplexed at how something so good hasn’t reached her piece of the globe, she talked with the locals and found a way to transport a batch. BRUNEUS, Superlative Foods’ first brand, was born.

To little surprise, the rave spread throughout Singapore. Ever since, Angeline has been addicted to sourcing all the hidden gems from around the world and making them available to her fellow Singaporeans.


We can rave all day about how great we are, but we know the proof is in the official documents with the fancy badges.

If you’re cool with us bragging for a sec, we’re proud to announce that all our products comply with the USDA and EU standards (certified by Control Union) as well as Halal (validated by MUIS).

But here’s a juicy secret: it’s not just us. We also work with farmers who take organic practices as seriously as we do. We work together to ensure that everything that enters the Superlative Foods premises has been produced with full transparency, following all organic farming practices.

Daniel S Binder

Chief of Stuff-no-one-wants-to-take-care-of

Supports the Superlative Foods operations in exchange for warm meals. Spent half-a-lifetime in the automotive industry but realised too late that organic foods taste way better than car components. Kind of a caffeine-dependent life-form; insists that the bags under his eyes are Gucci; thinks he's funny (not a widely-shared perception).

Angeline Lee

Chief Food Officer

Enjoys long romantic walks to the fridge but doesn't look like it. Entirely made in Singapore. Awesome cook, saxophonist and former lab rat. Obsessed with organic food and healthy nutrition. Very (as in “very”) determined to make Superlative Foods a victorious success.

Anushri Parwal

Business Development & Strategy, Supply Chain

Eats a good portion of our entire manufacturing output for breakfast. And lunch. Exchanged a fun-filled career in financial auditing for the unrivalled excitement that developing businesses and strategies offer. Loves the finer things in life, be it travelling, photography or shipping containers.

Liu Yufen


Give it up for our longest serving team member! Liu knows the ins and outs of our production like it’s nobody’s business. Hard-working and patient, but not to be messed with. Shout out to her for sticking around and putting up with all our shenanigans for this long.

Yang Hui


Don’t let her size fool you. Yang gets things done. Completes all tasks with machine-like efficiency and appreciates a good joke. Our #1 pick for most likely to save the world in the event of an apocalypse.

Cherry Luo


The most generous of the bunch. Hungry? Cherry’s your best friend. She’s always carrying an emergency supply of snacks for the whole team. Is she here? Umm… I’m sure she’s around somewhere. Why do you ask?

Lim Tat Beng


The man, the myth, the legend. The oldest and wisest of the bunch. Every company needs a sage. Whether you need your daily dose of wisdom or you’re having trouble operating something, Tat Beng’s your man.

Fatima Guilalas

Business Development

Gets lost in the facility often but magically appears when you need her. Always within two metres of a fresh cup of coffee. Secretly a control freak but comes across as a free spirit. Always full of spontaneous stories about her pets.

Tiew Wan Xin

Business Development

Lights up the room at all the perfect times. Will meet you once and remember your name forever. Afraid of lizards and frogs but fine with snakes and alligators. Calm and collected in the midst of everyone else freaking out.

Nah Lay Peng


You may spot her pulling in customers by jumping up and down in the middle of the road holding our sign. Can talk to you all day about time travel and aliens. Specializes in finding all the best restaurants on road trips.

Amin Sulaiman


Always on the move. Didn’t even have time to write his own profile. Hands down the fastest on the team. We think he can secretly teleport. Ended up with us after wishing for a genie to get him the best job on the planet.

Sim Siew Lee


Wishes she had an Australian accent. In touch with what all the cool kids are doing. Will remember something from two years ago and start laughing and quickly move on. No explanation will be given.