Some may find the taste of raw cacao nibs strange but when paired with activated nuts like cashews together with some coconut flower sugar, it actually helps in enhancing the nutty flavour of the activated nuts. I don’t think that there are any other snacks like Bruneus out there and these rare snacks are made locally here in Singapore.

I find that such activated nuts are softer yet slightly crunchy on the outside. It’s even more delicious when it is coated with a layer of chocolate. Alright, I am not talking about those milk chocolate-coated nuts but nuts coated with healthy raw cacao nibs!

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They add most of their snacks with raw cacao nibs and it gives the snack a little kick. The cacao nibs are a powerful natural source of magnesium and antioxidants. Raw cacao nibs are mixed with pink Himalayan rock salt and a drizzle of coconut flower syrup and it’s incorporated in all their Bruneus snack range.

The packaging is in small convenient 30g packs which I can slot into my handbag and bring around easily to snack on them. After all, I find it difficult to find snacks outside the home since I’m on my eczema diet. The “Bruneus Activated Cashews and Cacao Nibs” are my favourite since cashew nut is the best nut in my eczema diet. Another good feature of these snacks are that they are sweetened by organic coconut flower sugar. It’s not only natural but also does not taste overly sweet.

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Ex-biologist and founder of Bruneus Angeline Lee crafts nut clusters and sweet cacao nibs. The nuts are biodynamic and sprouted, making them easy to digest. And the cacao comes from a cooperative of 50 farmers in Bali. She buys it direct—with no middle men—above Fairtrade price, so you know exactly where it comes from. Bruneus products are available at Toby’s Estate (8 Rodyk St.) and Four Seasons Gourmet Market (#B1-83A Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Rd.).

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Post work out snack time!

Chia seeds, oats, cacao nibs from @bruneus, crushed almonds and a scoop of Arnold’s Cookie and Cream Whey Protein. Add cold water, shake and YUMM. Arnold’s whey protein is srsly yummy. The creamiest and best tasting that I’ve tried so far. It’s like melted ice cream that’s good for you. Remember to use ‘sandra5’ to get 5% off at @nutrifirst!

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2014 proved that we’ve had it with generic, soul-less, grocery store-bought foods. Our mealtimes were spiced up with local, small-batch, and handmade foods and drinks, and communities sprung up in support of it. The Ate Group’s ‘creative festival’ Creatory, online grocer Crateful, ‘digital farmers market’ Batch, and design shop Naiise, have helped to carve out a space for local brands like Maracatu (Cachaca), Bruneus (healthy snacks), Citizen Pop (healthier sodas; top pic), Cacaosians (drinking chocolate), and The Edible Co. (granola).

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It looks like there’s no stopping the rapid growth of the Made in Singapore movement (see our list of cool local food brands). Lifestyle online marketplace Naiise (which mainly stocks local labels) has launched a new section dedicated to small-scale food makers in Singapore.

Click on the “Eat Local” tab at the webstore and find offerings from brands like The Edible Co. (granola gurus), Natalie. E (macaron and—wait for it—salted caramel extraordinaire), a.muse projects (tea specialists who interestingly enough produce wine-inspired teas), 3 Bites Full (gourmet nougat makers) and Bruneus (known for their organic snacks like raw chocolate). More brands are expected to hop onboard soon so check back often to see who are the new kids on the block.

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From Superlative Foods’ founder Angeline Lee, Bruneus is her love child that uses only the most organical and naturally grown ingredients for her nut clusters. You’re not only consuming healthy products, which are obviously fresh with no additives or preservatives. You’re also encouraging fair trade for all the cacao and coconut palm farmers, ultimately creating a better livelihood for them.

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What’s your favourite way to eat the cacao nibs and nut clusters?

There are a lot of ways. I add the nibs to smoothies. When you blend it with banana or avocado, it gives you a very chocolatey flavour, and also a nice crunch. Another thing I use as is a topping for cupcakes—on top of the frosting. It can go into cooking too, but that defeats the purpose because eating it raw gives you the most magnesium… The clusters are great toppings for ice cream, yogurt and salads.

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The walnut clusters are equally yummy! Everything with cacao nibs just tasted better. I couldn’t agree more on that, as I especially love the bitter-sweet aftertaste of every munch of nuts I place into my mouth. Bursting in flavours and absolutely natural and healthy! How could anyone resist?

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