The Superlative Team

Daniel S Binder

Chief of Stuff-no-one-wants-to-take-care-off

Supports the Superlative Foods operations in exchange for warm meals. Spent half-a-lifetime in the automotive industry but realised too late that organic foods taste way better than automotive components. Kind of a caffeine-dependent life-form; insists that the bags under his eyes are Gucci; thinks he's funny (not a widely-shared perception).

Angeline Lee

Chief Food Officer

Enjoys long romantic walks to the fridge but doesn't look like it. Entirely made in Singapore. Awesome cook, saxophonist and former lab rat. Obsessed with organic food and healthy nutrition. Very (as in “very”) determined to make Superlative Foods a victorious success.

Anushri Parwal

Business Development & Strategy, Supply Chain

Eats a good portion of our entire manufacturing output for breakfast. And lunch. Exchanged a fun-filled career in financial auditing for the unrivalled excitement that developing businesses and strategies offer. Loves the finer things in life, be it travelling, photography or shipping containers.

Mai Phuong


A fragile human being who needs to be fed continuously in order to function properly. Thank God, she has finally found an F&B company that is able to feed her hunger.

Liu Yufen


One of our longest serving employee in the company! If you ask what her secret is, she will say it's patience and hard-working!

Yang Hui


She is small yet so strong and fierce! At the end of the day, her focus is to get things done!

Cherry Luo


A thoughtful person who always brings extra fruits and snacks for everyone.

Lim Tat Beng


He is the oldest and wisest uncle in the company. If anyone needs help, the best is to seek his advice!