We. Are. Offline. 


Good Day!

We have been going through a rough patch in the past twelve months. Buckling under a wave of malicious and unlawful acts by a director, our company has taken a severe hit. The motives behind these actions are beyond comprehension, defy logic and business sense, and are best described as the result of a questionable state of mind coupled with criminal energy determined to destroy anything in the way.

I am well aware of the many conspiracy-laden, incomprehensible emails and esoteric lies that this person has circulated. It is everyone’s prerogative to believe those falsehoods – or not. The many lies are not flying with the courts of law, and I have won two trials against her in her capacity. The Judiciary approved my applications to commence half a dozen separate civil legal proceedings in the District, Magistrate’s and High Court of Singapore against her and a company instrumental in this nonsensical value destruction. Allegations for the misappropriation of company funds, director’s conflict of interest and breach of fiduciary duties, false statements to authorities, numerous other violations of the law and the recovery of seven-figure damages will be pursued in the course of these proceedings if and when the legal process allows for it. The hearing dates and judgements of court trials of a commercial nature are publicly accessible on the Singapore Judiciary website.

No one regrets this turn of events more than I do, given the vast amount of money, time, and effort I dedicated to our company and almost single-handedly financing our expansive growth over a decade. It was a great ride while it lasted. 

I genuinely appreciate your support in all these years!

Daniel S Binder