Our first brand ever created

BRUNEUS Snacks have been developed with a very specific idea in mind. We activate the nuts by soaking and sprouting them, scientifically known as activation. It allows you to better digest them and absorb the maximum amount of nutrients.


Pure nature in a bag

NAKED was created to focus on bringing high-quality, organic certified and minimally processed foods to everyone. We offer you the opportunity to eat clean, stripping off any unhealthy additives and preservatives so that you can enjoy pure and authentic natural foods. We aim to bring authentic, organic and natural food to everyone’s pantry at the most affordable price you can find.


A daily dose of happiness

KHÜSH /’KOO-SH/ means happiness in Hindi, was created with the idea of bringing joy to your breakfasts and your snacks. Born from a blend of carefully selected organic foods from ethically sourced organic farms, KHÜSH is your perfect start to the day!


A zero-waste store

FILL GOOD is a zero-waste store created in partnership with FairPrice Group. Started in 2019 at FairPrice Xtra VivoCity, FILL GOOD champions reduction in single-use plastic bags while offering customers a wonderful retail experience and access to affordable and high-quality organic foods. We are now available at 2 locations.


A rice story

SPRICE Organic Brown Rice Crisps are 100% produced in Singapore, made with organic whole grain brown rice. The production process does not use any added oil, making SPRICE a truly healthy snack that every pantry should have.


Your ideal partner

We offer an amazing range of organic and Halal certified dried fruits, nuts, seeds, spreads, baking ingredients, and beverages! Indulge in the world of organic foods and ingredients from our comprehensive distribution service.


Ordinary people. Extraordinary food

Superlative Foods collaborates with MasterChef to deliver a range of MasterChef food product lines to the Southeast Asia market. Superlative Foods partnered with MasterChef to deliver exceptional food products to the Southeast Asia market.

We want to inspire individuals to be the best in their own kitchens and celebrate the creativity of cooking. MasterChef brings the whole organic, sustainable experience to consumers, from ingredients to the packaging. Each box of MasterChef packed with just the right amount of ingredients sourced from ethical farms around the world, to ensure freshness as well as minimize food waste. The packaging is compostable and recycle.


Award-winning alcohol-free wine

As versatile and complex as sparkling wine but without alcohol. Artisanal and 100% natural, Prisecco is made with carefully selected meadow fruits and complimented in flavour with blossoms, herbs, and spices. A unique taste without any flavouring or water added.


The revival of treasures

The art of distilling is to fix the full bouquet of the fruit in the alcohol at exactly the right time. Let yourself be carried away by the aroma within an orchard on the edge of the Swabian Jura.