Calling it food is like calling a kiss the juxtaposition of two orbicularis oris muscles in the state of contraction. Genuine. There’s no substitute.

Why all the rage over our products? We’re talking 100% natural and organic ingredients. We’re talking sustainably farmed sourcing. Not to mention everything’s crafted with care in small batches (if you need humongous quantities to feed an armada of many hungry mouths, we can do that, too).



Go ahead, go nuts

Let’s face it. That window between breakfast and lunch can suck. BRUNEUS allows you to be that annoying co-worker with inordinate amounts of energy at all the unusual times. Not the best selling point, we know, but we’re working on it.

Nothing you can’t pronounce

There are whackos out there gobbling down meals stripped of all nutrients and pumped with stuff you can’t even pronounce. Turns out, the ingredients list does not need to be longer than the name. Don’t be a whacko.

Say no to boring breakfasts

Ummm. That’s not breakfast, that’s happiness in a bowl. Let’s be honest here: most people’s breakfast choices haven’t changed since they were 12 years old. But why does eating like an adult have to be sooooo booooring? Here’s to breakfast that’s nutritious and satisfies.

Aliens? Bigfoot?

Nah, but this is just as unbelievable: healthy food that doesn’t taste healthy. Delicious guiltfree snacking with no added oil or MSG (monosodium glutamate, as we foodies call it). Go ahead, grab a bag. You know you want to.

Psst… it’s non-alcoholic wine. Really, it’s wine.

We know, but hear us out… In those times in life when you miss having your favourite wine with dinner or while relaxing in the bath, where will you go? Call it a miracle, but here’s some non-alcoholic sparkling wine that makes girls’ nights a blast, even during a pregnancy or if alcohol just isn’t your thing.

Come on in, stay a while

Ahh, well this was SUPPOSED to be a blurb about our zero-waste store. We even got it all stocked up and ready to go at very affordable prices, but we realized it was pointless. What difference does one plastic bottle make? A piece of polyethylene here and there… said 7.9 BILLION PEOPLE. Seriously though, drop by and join us on this feel good journey!

For restaurants, cafes, hotels, you name it

Dang, you’ve got how many mouths to feed? And you need ingredients certified to accommodate all those dietary restrictions? Shoot, well if only someone specialized in that. Well, good luck! Actually, why not give us a shout? We may know a guy.

Awaken your inner MasterChef

Quality and integrity: two words to describe The Champions’ Collection. Every aspiring MasterChef need not worry about producing anything less than their best with these ingredients – the official M-swirl logo acts as the MasterChef seal of approval that guarantees endless passion, inspiration, and creativity. Time to awaken your inner MasterChef.